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bodymore should be a kingdom in westeros
drunk, owl
In the HBO series The Wire, junkies and cops and drug dealers and union dockworkers and journalists fight and die. Omar Little says (I believe to Wee-Bey) "you come at the king, you best not miss". Omar is fearless, and strolls down the worst streets in Baltimore wearing body armor and carrying a shotgun, whistling "farmer in the dell", and small children warn drug dealers with their traditional call of "Omar be coming!"

In the HBO series Game of Thrones, kings and knights and ladies and bastards and pretenders and whores fight and die. Cersei Lannister says (I believe to Eddard Stark) "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die." Eddard's family motto is "Winter Is Coming", which has been used extensively in the marketing of the series.

This leads us to the following image:

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priceless. Absolutely loved The Wire.

I agree, both shows are pretty much analogous. GoT is pretty much like The Wire set in fantasy universe. Multiple characters threads, good guys that aren't so good,bad guys are that aren't so bad, both products of a flawed system in an unfair world,betrayal, politics, bureaucracy, class war and the violence.

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