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Things are well.

Natasha is back from Europe after a three week tour with Oregon Ambassadors of Music, playing wind band music and visiting over 7 countries. Seven plus Liechtenstein. She's now working toward moving out and starting a life in Seattle.

I bought a 2011 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport, which is nice. Handles great, and with a little care to stay on the highway and coast when possible, I can get 32 mpg on my commute (although 26 is more repeatable).

I've been spending time with Magen Gulliford lately, and that is going well also. She's living in Seattle, so there's more than the ideal amount of driving up and down I-5 involved.

Saw Pacific Rim a few weeks back, and thought it to be excellent.

I joined a Crossfit gym, and I'm ramping up the amount of that in my life. It suits me, and I totally get that it wouldn't suit everybody. It's intense, and it leverages my competitiveness to get me to work harder.

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Those Outback Sports are pretty sweet. I was also super impressed with the handling in our Outback, particularly on gravel. I've never had a car that performed as well on loose gravel roads.

Crossfit is fierce. A little too fierce for me. :) It's awesome that you're having fun with it. I do want to pick up some kettle bells some time, as that part looks pretty cool. I saw one the other day that was in the shape of an angry monkey's head.

I thought Pacific Rim looked pretty cool, but couldn't get anyone in the family excited about going. I'll have to wait for video...

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