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Lunchtime Longhouse

getcher turnip onna stick

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(no subject)
crocodile, general
LibraryThing may be my new best friend. I kinda want to call them up and ask if I can write them a high-speed barcode friendly interface, so I can take the laptop and my barcode reader around my house... but that's silly.

Also, I buy enough stuff from Amazon that I figured the "import your collection from amazon old orders" feature would be useful, but since I haven't found a page on Amazon that has the ISBN numbers of all the stuff I bought, I can't do that. It looks like it will do just an arbitrary list of ISBNs in a flat file, though, so I might try that.

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I love me some librarything.

Silly? Are you kidding? :)

Check out Amazons sandbox. Sellerengine Software (where I used to work) would scrape Amazon by ISBN. I am sure there is something in their API that you could hack up pretty easy to get the functionality you want.

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