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basic rider training
friday evening - at pcc sylvania for Team Oregon Basic Rider Training. This first session is 2 hours of classroom time, going over things like what to expect from this course, the parts of the motorcycle, starting procedure, &c.

saturday - 7:30 am - pcc parking lot, get loaner helmet. Learn to ride, starting with starting the bike, walking it forward with the clutch, &c. By the end of the morning we're learning line selection and using countersteer to initiate a lean.

saturday afternoon is another 2 hours of classroom time.

sunday morning - 4 more hours on the range. more on negotiating corners and curves properly, braking in a curve, swerves, weaves, &c. Final hour is spent in testing. Hardest stuff for me: negotiating a tight low-speed corner, and the low-speed offset weave test.

sunday afternoon is an hour of classroom time, largely covering edge cases (animals in the road, impairment issues, &c), and an hour of a multiple-choice test. 50 questions, can't miss more than 10.

At the end of all this, if you did OK on the riding and the written test, you get a card you can take to the DMV to get your motorcycle endorsement. It is also good for a one-time discount at a lot of motorcycle gear shops.

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