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original droid phone plus gingerbread roms = good
crocodile, general
Background: I have an original (OG) Motorola droid phone (the A855), bought on launch day two years ago. These came with Android 2.0 on them, and over-the-air updates were pushed out by Google / Motorola / Verizon for over a year. Now, new versions of the Android OS are available, and not being pushed to the phones. This post is about installing the new version.

The process:

Get root access to the phone. This is normally done using an app like z4root, but this won't work on the very first batch of A855s. To do the thing, you need to use SuperOneClick on a PC.

install the Java Development Kit (jdk) on your PC
install the Android Development Kit (adk) on your PC
install SuperOneClick
install the Motorola USB drivers for your phone on your PC

set your phone to run non-market applications
turn on USB debugging on your phone

connect the phone via USB
run SuperOneClick and root the phone

Reboot the phone

install RomManager on the phone
in Rom Manager, pick "Download ROM"
scroll down to "Peter Alphonso", then pick "Gingerbread Build GPA16"

once the ROM is downloaded, you can then do 'install rom from sd'.

after some rebooting, your phone will be the phone of the future again. You will have to enter your google account info to load all the apps and settings that are backed up on the cloud.

Once this is complete, you can download SetCPU from the Marketplace, and overclock / underclock your phone for maximum performance and battery life.

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I just recently got gingerbread on my (non-rooted) Droid X2, and I've been very impressed with the improvements in battery life

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